Between February and May 2017 AURA and Rogers Foundation completed a comparative
assessment of MOOC platforms, in order to choose the one that fits CONNAT’s aims the best.
The steps of the comparative research were the following:

  • setting up a list of criterias to be evaluated during the research
  • choosing ten of the most famous MOOC platforms
  • collecting data on the chosen platforms
  • collecting additional data on the functionalities of the chosen platforms (if available)
  • limiting the number of platforms to four for further research (by AURA)
  • deeper analyzis of the chosen four platforms (by AURA)
  • testing two of these four platforms (by AURA and Rogers Foundation)

The four chosen platforms were Coursera, Udemy, EdX and Edmodo. Out of these four,
Udemy and Edmodo were tested further (an account was created to see how the site works)
and in the end Udemy was chosen.

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