We have created this online course within the project „CONNAT – Restoring Resilience: Connecting to Nature and Self”, funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme. Our project aims to provide understanding, personal experience and skills, needed to restore resilience by connecting with nature and oneself, and to provide the experience of nature as a guide – to connect a person with him/herself, to connect people.

This online course was created together with an in-nature training course – the first targeting the mind, while the latter targeting the soul. We wanted to give a perspective to professionals working with people (therapists, coaches, psychologists, trainers…) or in nature (guides, environmental educators, nature conservatioists…) about why and how Nature can be that guide.

You don’t need any specific previous knowledge to complete the course, but bear in mind, that some of the texts are scientific, while others are more from the spiritual domain. We recommend the course to those profesisonals who have some previous experience with these topics. All together, we hope to give a holistic view about nature and connections.

The online course and sort course content is available in four languages:

Hungarian - Kapcsolódás a természettel és önmagunkkal

Hungarian Course Hungarian Course content

English - Connection to Nature and Self

English Course English Course content

Italian - Resilienza: come svilupparla connettendosi alla natura

Italian Course Italian Course content

Croatian - Probudimo prirodu u sebi

Croatian Course Croatian Course content

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