Elena was born 1957 in Rome and died 2017 in Reggio.

She spent her childhood in Rome, Vienna in Austria and Reggio Emilia in North Italy.
She attended a french lyceum for eight years in Vienna.
She studied agriculture (M.Sc.) at the University of Vienna BOKU and earned a Ph.D. in agricultural meteorology.
She specialised in organic agriculture and olive oil production.
Her focus (and passion) is on creating learning spaces in nature and mindfulness.
2010 she moved to Calabria in a rural area close to Tropea and started with European projects (Grundtvig, Erasmus and others).
She is an experienced trainer in adult education and personal development (psychosynthesis of Assagioli e Presencing and U.lab of Otto Scharmer).
She is the president of the association AURA Sviluppo Sostenibile in Calabria.
She loves beautiful natural landscapes, the blue sea, big dogs, classical music. And Silence. And trainings.

Your Soul lives in Nature!

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