Isoropia is a privately held company, established 2007 to enable balanced career for its owner and promote authentic way of living and working among those who seek their own way. It provides support in personal, organizational and community transformations by training, facilitations, consulting, and participating in projects which fulfilled deepest desires of groups of people (e.g. HUB in Zagreb, biodynamic farm "Old School" in Pisarovina County, Center for Enhancement of Teaching at University of Zagreb) .

Isoropia is project based organization, achieving its goals in partnerships with other organizations and individuals. It is a member of several regional, national and international professional networks: Šesti oblik, Art of Hosting and International partnership for Transformational Learning.

The principles which guide every action is the believe in the potential of all individuals and groups, participatory processes, collaboration and the growing number of people with a need to live an authentic life.

Our mission is to help people, organizations and communities to inquire in those fundamental questions of their purpose and then supporting them in living authentically, by providing on-going support, trainings for competency gap, and consultation during the process of organizational development.

Main organizational focus of Isoropia is adult education, formal and non-formal. The serial of ongoing courses "Initiating positive change", based on Appreciative Inquiry, provided skills for initiating and carrying desired changes in personal and organizational lives based on their strengths, common vision and design. Art of Hosting trainings provides methods and tools for participatory leadership, and hosting conversations of larger groups or "total systems" in quest for fundamental, systemic transformations. Project management workshops provide fundamental skills for collaborations in different groups, allowing people to choose their assignments, not being dependant on on-going routine jobs, and to collaborate in new settings knowing how to manage their work. Specific program is design for the project leaders, in order to develop leadership attitude and methods to transform group of people into motivated, focused and creative team, guided by common meaning and vision. Such a team provides opportunity for growth and development of each team member.

Isoropia d.o.o.

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