Jasenka Gojšić is a facilitator of transformative learning. It means, she helps people to transform their lives, to change perspective on a situation, to find a meaning in enthusiasm for the next stage.

She is more then ten years on her way to authentic living, escaping traditional routes and career paths. Serving others, she combines multidisciplinary knowledge and holistic, systemic approach. As a mentor, teacher and trainer, she is supporting transformations by experiential learning. She is dedicated to understand what is going on, and act from her best knowledge, combining learning and acting, teaching and leading, creation and management.

Jasenka was a team member of the Grundtvig learning partnership project "Enhancing Transformation in Time of Chaos and Crises" (2012-2014), as an associate of DIM NGO. During 2014 Jasenka serves as a member of the core team of the International Partnership for Transformational Learning, network of today’s leaders in transformative and life-long learning, started in 2011 as an alliance of eight European organizations out of the Grundtvig Learning Partnership "Hosting transformation: Best practices on facilitating sustainable innovation and active citizenship". Isoropia hosted the Hosting Transformation Conference (HTC) in Zagreb, July 2014 and was co-organizer of HTC in Calabria, Italy in September 2015.
During ERASMUS+ project Authentic Living (2014-2016) she acquired additional competences to facilitate adults learning specifically focused on employing nature as a teacher.

Jasenka has master of telecommunication and informatics earned at Faculty of electrical Engineering and Computing of University of Zagreb, Croatia, and MBA and Master of Science in Management achieved at IEDC School of Management, Bled, Slovenia. Her master thesis "How organizations support and hinder balance careers? Exploratory study" was motivated with her process of restoring resilience.

Previous managerial and teaching experiences and knowledge gained in introducing new informational technologies in education, as well as strong interest in people potential, growth and characteristics of life stages are the main assets to be employed in this project.

Goran Hudec have expertise and published papers on soft skills development at students’ level. Last few years his focus has been on creativity and innovation (TECRINO Teaching creativity in engineering, 538710-LLP-2013-1-CY-LEONARDO-LMP http://www.tecrino- project.eu/) enhancement. Transferring that knowledge into adult education is one of the reasons for his contribution in the project.

Goran masters online teaching skills in e-Learning Academy gaining experience also as on-line mentor. Goran is also author of on-line course «Designing with FrontPage». He has some 80 contributions (1,5 – 2,5 min.) for TV calendar (text, video selection and montage). Goran was honoured with “Sfera” award for best SF short novel, printed in Great Britain, Italy and Croatia.

Goran is frequent contributor to public lectures (“Matica Hrvatska” – Settlement of Solar system, “Technical museum Nikola Tesla” - Interstellar Spaceship Design). His traveling journals and reports are popular within online community.

His experience in developing and supporting MOOC will be cornerstone of CONNAT realisation.

Nature is Goran’s most influential teacher regarding his personal development. First hand, experience of nature includes smelling whales in Artic Ocean and fumarole at top of Damavand, Iran, Asian highest volcano. He is addicted traveller, spanned Europe from cliffs of Moher and Cabo de Sante Vincente to Elbrus Mountain and Tromso fjords Aurora Borealis. Following Kilimanjaro climbing, this year take road 1 around Iceland.

Physical fitness is considered as highly important resilience facet. As sportsman, Goran prefers long distance sport activities, trekking, marathon and Ironman distance triathlon.

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