We had a nice multiplier event at Cserkút, Hungary with 25 participants at 29.06.2018.
We started the event with a short introduction about the CONNAT project and the agenda of the day. Then we headed our journey to the attic, which was one of the main area of the workshop. Started it with meeting, gently touch each other, and then a body work in pairs. Then a short discusson about how we felt.
Then we went outside, fortunately the rain gone as well, and started to discover the nature around us, without words. After that we had a meeting on a field, and made a short movement reflection about the experiences.
Lunch break. It was part of the workshop deeply, we connected to the food, which was bio, and local, contained some flowers as well.
After lunch we had a bit energiser activity with musical instruments, and then went back to the attic. The final part was a sensitive folktale work and a sensitive discussion about our darkest times of our lifes. We made some drawnings, and then one-by-one went down from the attic.
We connected to ourselfs and to the nature – and to each other.

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