CONNAT, the 2nd Isoropia's multiplier event
Park wood Tuškanac, Zagreb

18 people and five Isoropia's staff members came together to share the best practices of connecting with nature during CONNAT project.
The beautiful park wood in the midst of Zagreb was chosen as the venue for the workshop. It provides natural surrounding, reminding people how easy nature can be experienced. At the same time, a wooden pavilion is a great stage for Brush stroke exercise.

We met on the age of the park wood, in a restaurant. Having refreshment, participants acquire information about the CONNAT and had an opportunity to introduce themselves. They walk in peers then to the Pavilion, uphill.
On the way to Pavilion participants got a task to find a symbol in the nature that represents their inner state. They were invited to share the meaning of the symbol with their peers, opening as much as they feel comfortable.

In Pavilion, without much speaking and sharing, introduction to Brush Stroke exercise were given. In deeply meditative state, we all draw a black circle and a red dot, circle representing our life and the dot our self. Witnessing was intensive and valuable part of the exercise. The exercise took almost two hours, and lead people in their inner world, discovering inner nature in everyone of us.

Waiting for deeper dark, a participant offered Qigong exercises, which was gratefully received by the group. We enjoyed continuity of meditative state of being, now moving our bodies and experiencing physical dimension of human nature. Participative creation of the event was great satisfaction for the hosts, since participation is ultimate condition for transformative learning.

Walking through the wood in dark night was very new experience for many. Thanks to a host who is experienced hiker, we had opportunity to escape light pollution and find a peace of town, still covered by wood, without lightening. That was true gift and return to nature!

Participants stayed together long in the night, sharing and connecting, enjoying life and summer in the city park wood.

That was an experience that initiators of the CONNAT project long to share with the rest of the world.


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