Rogers Foundation has organized its first Multiplier Event of the CONNAT project at the 11th of December, 2017 in Budapest, Hungary. We have organized a focus group, to where we have invited both adult educators and people working in/with nature. There were alltogether 11 participants present apart from members of the Rogers Foundation.

At the focus group, we have presented the developed structure and preliminary ideas for the online MOOC of CONNAT, mainly focusing on the six modules and their planned content. Next to the plans for the online course, we have also presented the developed ideas for the face-toface training course. We have discussed together these plans with the participants, and they could also share their experiences regarding the topic.
After the focus group, the second part of the event was a folk tale session: Virág Suhajda has told a folk tale to the participants and held a tale therapy session afterwards – an activity we have planned to involve in the face to face training course. This way participants had the chance to have a „taste” about how we imagine the course to be. We have also made a video recording of this folk tale session, which we intend to use for the video clips involved in the online course.

Aura organized the first multiplier event in Sicily, in Marsala. The event took place at the Aletheia counseling studio of Annarita Calabrese, on 20/10/2017.
The event was attended by 10 people, all from Sicily and Calabria. The program included an introduction to the Aura Sviluppo Sostenibile cultural association, a presentation of the Erasmus + European projects and the presentation of CONNAT.
The CONNAT project was presented with the use of slides and the participants showed great interest. Interesting suggestions were given about the contents of the MOOC, the most discussed was that of Paola Sobbrio about the scarce
references to the animal world, to veganism and to the connection with them.
Much curiosity from all the participants for the workshop in nature, they would like it to be organized also in Sicily.
At the end of the presentations a coffee-break followed and therefore the second part of the event was more experiential. A practice of mindfulness opened the second part and then worked in a circle on the theme of a participant and concluded with the familiar constellation of the theme itself.

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